Hi there👋, I'm Akhil.

I'm an M.S. DAE graduate (May 2023). After a gratifying academic journey, I re-joined Tausight Inc. as an ML & MLOps Intern. I'm pursuing the career path of a Machine Learning Engineer. To know more about my professional work, please check out my LinkedIn.

I worked as a TA for this course for 5 consecutive semesters during which I had a great time teaching Python labs, interacting with students for their questions, publishing blogs and developing this website. Have a question? Please feel free to reach out to me. Let's solve it together!!

Some of my accomplishments at Northeastern University:
1. Alfred J. Ferretti Excellence in Teaching honor
2. Datathon 2023 Winner
3. Teaching SVM Lab

Apart from academics, I spend my casual time in playing video games(DotA 2), learning photography, cooking(Indian Cuisine), watching animae and tv shows.

p.s. I highly recommend checking out the tv show "Person of Interest" (2011). It greatly inspired my journey into AI and remains my all-time favorite.