1. Data Labeling Lab-1

Setting up the lab

  1. Setup the lab as described in Data Labeling Lab-1.
  2. Open 02_spam_data_augmentation_tutorial.ipynb.
  3. Select the correct virtual environment in your jupyter-lab and follow through.

Project Structure:

    └── data_labeling_labs/
        ├── requirements.txt
        ├── data_labeling_env/
        ├── data/
        ├── 01_spam_tutorial.ipynb
        ├── 02_spam_data_augmentation_tutorial.ipynb
        ├── 03_spam_data_slicing_tutorial.ipynb

Notebook-2: Spam - Data Augmentation tutorial

  • Tip: To open any of the links in the following notebook, right-click on the links and select “open in new tab” option otherwise those websites will replace the notebook. If it happens, simply click “back” in your browser to return to the notebook.