Getting Started

  1. Fork this Repository: Click the “Fork” button at the top right of this repository to create your own copy.
  2. Clone Your Repository:
    git clone
    cd your-forked-repo
  3. GitHub account
  4. Basic knowledge of Python and machine learning
  5. Git command-line tool (optional)

This repository contains code to develop a Flask API and deploy on GCP. For details around GCP deployment refer to the traning video.

How to start:

Install the google cloud CLI based on your operating system and make sure the gcloud command works

gcloud init

Make sure you have authenticated with the correct email Id and selected the correct project id and region

gcloud auth login

Also make sure you have enabled the folllowing API’s

  1. Artifact Registry
  2. Cloud build

To dockerize the application run

gcloud builds submit --tag[YOUR_PROJ_ID]/iris-app
gcloud run deploy iris-app --image[YOUR_PROJ_ID]/iris-app --platform managed --port 8501 --allow-unauthenticated   

Once the application is deployed you can update the deployed URL in your frontend source code.