Hello! I’m Rishabh Jain, a passionate Machine Learning Engineer and Full-Stack Engineer with a knack for solving real-world problems through innovative technology. I am currently a Master’s student at Northeastern University, pursuing an MS in Information Systems.

I recently completed a co-op at Fidelity Investments as a Full Stack Engineer, where I focused on LLM application development, enhancing my expertise in creating robust software solutions. With a solid foundation in Java, Kotlin, Android, ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, and more, I’ve also led significant projects as an Senior Android Engineer at Clapingo, Technology Lead at Ved World PVT. LTD, and Java Backend Developer at Untrodden Labs. I thrive in Agile environments, driving product success and team synergy.

Beyond professional commitments, I’m also dedicated to community service, serving as the President of the Boston Rotaract Club and engaging as a TA for an MLOps class. Whether it’s developing new products or elevating existing ones, you can count on me to bring vision, leadership, and technical acumen to the table.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.