Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics

Blog Author
Linear Algebra Yue Chen
Eigen Value Decomposition Yue Chen
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Yanming Liu
Probabilities and Statistics Sai Akhilesh Ande
Parameter Estimation - ERM, MLE & MAP Sai Akhilesh Ande
Hypothesis Testing and When to Use Sachini Weerasekara
A/B, A/A Testing, and When to Use Yanming Liu

Optimization Techniques

Blog Author
Gradient Descent Jinchuan He
Convex Optimization - Part 1 Shamhith Kamasani
Convex Optimization - Part 2 Shamhith Kamasani

Machine Learning

Blog Author
Probably Approximately Correct(PAC) Learning Sachini Weerasekara
Linear Regression Karan Desai
Closed Form Solution Karan Desai
Linear Regression Limitations - part 1 Jinchuan He
Linear Regression Limitations - part 2 Yanming Liu
Loss Functions - part 1 Siddhartha Putti
Loss Functions - part 2 Siddhartha Putti
Lasso, Ridge, and Robust Regression Keerthi Godha
Bias-Variance Tradeoff Siddhartha Putti
Error Analysis Keerthi Godha
Model Evaluation Jinchuan He
Sampling Techniques Siddartha Putti
Reasoning behind Lasso and Ridge Distribution Ishan Palit
Data Cleaning Techniques Shamhith Kamasani
Data Balancing Techniques Ishan Palit
Statistical Tests for Categorical Columns Phanindra Reddy Myakala
Statistical Tests for Numerical Columns Pratiksha Pradhan
Time-Series Outlier Detection Sai Revanth

Natural Language Processing

Blog Author
Text Cleaning Ramin Mohammadi
All Sorts of Text Vectorization Techniques Ramin Mohammadi
Understanding Different Types of Text Embeddings in NLP Ramin Mohammadi
Recurrent Neural Networks - A Beginner’s Guide Ramin Mohammadi
Multi-Head Self-Attention Ramin Mohammadi
Attention Mechanism Ramin Mohammadi